The Black Box Truck is one of the very few Ibiza Food Trucks and by far it is the coolest one you will find! And what makes our food truck so awesome is not only the outside but also the fact that we cater to anything you may require. So, where you to want to arrange a Hog Roast or Tapas pool party or for us to cater a full sit-down meal for your Ibiza wedding, we can do it!

From day one we decided that the truck itself wasn’t going to limit our creativity to food designing and so we decided to keep the outside simple to be able to cater to all requirements.

Where to find a food truck in Ibiza?

Unfortunately the regulations that rule the food truck businesses are quite vague and so there are many limitations set to this type
of businesses. Food trucks in Ibiza will find it quite hard to set their start up on the main roads but you will be able to find them at private events or private owned businesses that open their doors to the public but that are set on private land. Some great examples are the street food events that take place at Las Dalias in Sant Carles or in Cova Santa in Sant Josep.

In these locations you will find that on some set dates of the summer season these businesses organize Street Food Festivals and draw together all the Food Trucks of the island of Ibiza. And boy don’t we love these events! Flea markets, Live music, Drinks, Sunshine and the best food of Ibiza – all in one location! What else can you ask for? Contact us today to find us where to find us next or simply follow our Instagram account as we are
frequently posting our next move!

Enjoy the island of Ibiza, Food Truck lovers!