relaxed, fun and authentic!

authentic BBQ weddings

Choosing the perfect food for your wedding is an important and exciting part of the journey. We’ve stepped away from the traditional style of wedding service which can be formal and restrictive and instead aim to bring abundant choice, with relaxed and yet refined menus.

Our food centres around using the best local produce, combining lots of different influences and contemporary flavours. We particularly love using natural cooking methods, the simplicity of barbecuing food, slow smoking over hardwoods, cooking over a fire brings out the best in the ingredients we use and provides a unique twist.

Our specialty is barbeque inspired wedding menus and family-style sharing tapas feasts! It’s a more relaxed, interactive way of serving food, but no less finessed and crafted. We embrace the relaxed family-style while aiming to bring the best barbeque inspired cuisine, combine it with the finest local produce and create unique events.

You can have a wedding feast with noise and excitement, informal chatter and ethically sourced good food with a modern, rustic twist.

be aware: we source all our produce locally

Taste is critical and to ensure quality we use the best local produce sourced from local farms, butchers, bakers and cheesemakers, all prepared with love and care, and our highly trained staff are charming ambassadors of our business. Our menus are exactly what you were asking for! Simple, abundant, and finger-licking delicious!